The self-study is organized into 26 chapter tests that have been written to accompany the book: Whittaker, SG, Scheiman, M, Sokol-McKay, D. Low Vision Rehabilitation: A Practical Guide for Occupational Therapists. Slack; Thorofare, NJ, 2016. This book is part of a self-study program that provides the basic information required by a therapist to provide basic and advanced low vision rehabilitation services. 

This self-study is designed so that the student read a chapter, pay for and pass each chapter test one at a time on an as-needed basis. Once the test is completed, the student can review the questions (specific page references are provided) and retake the test if needed. When the student passes a test (80% correct criterion), a certificate of completion can be downloaded. The chapters can be read and tests taken in any order. We strongly recommend that you read Chapter 1 first. We are adding presentations for some chapters for additional CEU's. The self-study is designed for occupational therapists who wish to better address vision disability as part of general practice progressing in knowledge and practice to advanced competency in low vision rehabilitation. 

Specialists in low vision rehabilitation can learn about specific areas such as brain injury, the use of computer devices or newer practice management and coding requirements, and certify that selected chapters were read and understood. VRT’s or COMS can expand their knowledge into the area of low vision. CLICK HERE FOR THE SYLLABUS FOR ALL SELF STUDY COURSES (usually required as evidence of continuing education in addition to the certificate of completion).