These courses provide intermediate education in low vision rehabilitation and vision rehabilitation therapy.  We provide programs of study for advanced Certification as a Low Vision Therapist (CLVT) by ACVREP ( and AOTA Special Certification in Low Vision (SCLV), ( One program is a self study where you read a chapter and take a test.  Another program, the tutorial, also includes weekly scheduled interactive online sessions (webinar) with small group.  Both are organized around the 26 chapter self-study that has been written to accompany the book: Whittaker, SG, Scheiman, M, Sokol-McKay, D. Low Vision Rehabilitation: A Practical Guide for Occupational Therapists. Slack; Thorofare, NJ, 2016.  For the self-study, students read a chapter and pass the test (retakes are possible) and immediately download a certificate of completion for that chapter test. For many topics  an additional presentation is added with illustrations, animations and videotaped examples.  A syllabus and schedule for the self-study and tutorial programs can be downloaded from the home page. 

Advanced practitioners often take selected chapter courses such as Chapter 6  and 11 on management of people with cognitive disability or brain injury, Chapter 8 on our unique approach to evaluation and Chapter 14 on assistive technology which included presentations of the latest technology and how to adapt an Iphone and Ipad.  Now with a presentation rich with animation and video, even our advanced practitioners report "understanding and applying optics for the first time".  Our chapters on management of diabetes (chapter 20) is popular among advanced practitioners as well. VRT’s or COMS can expand their knowledge into the area of low vision and low vision therapists can expand their knowledge of non-sighted techniques often better suited for activities of daily living.  Check out the syllabi for more information and the fees.  The cost is $10 or less per hour of CE, total hrs of CE 54. Click on each course for fees.  You may pay for the entire self study for $500.  The textbook must be purchased separately.