This 6-hr course includes advanced methods for functional evaluation and treatment of vision disability commonly associated with stroke and brain injury.  We include advanced techniques for assessing peripheral field loss, spatial neglect, perceptual impairment and first response interventions for eye movement disorders. We cover visual field testing and testing for spatial neglect/ inattention in detail.  Our evaluation and interventions can be done with tools available in most clinics.  Additional required equipment will cost under $100.   Vision therapy and vestibular rehabilitation are not included. 

Recommendations: We do not cover evaluation of near visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and performance of a controlled lighting evaluation all of which are covered in an the courses, Introduction to evaluation and treatment of low vision (Screening Course & Evaluation and First Response Part 1 from the Intro to Low Vision: First Response Intervention series ) or self study chapter 8A is recommended.  This course includes content covered in Self Study Chapter 8B and Chapter 11.  Whittaker, SG, Scheiman, M. Sokol-McKay, D. Low Vision Rehabilitation: A Practical Guide for Occupational Therapists, 2016 is recommended. 

This is a beta version and is available for $30 until I upload the final revisions.