This online course is designed to help therapists develop a comprehensive understanding of vision and how vision can impact the therapy process in children.  A three-component model of vision will be presented stressing the importance of optical, visual efficiency, and visual information processing disorders.  A screening battery that allows therapists to test for the most common vision problems in children will be presented.  Treatment options will be discussed at length including both compensatory strategies and rehabilitative techniques (vision therapy).  A therapy sequence for eye movement and visual processing disorders will be presented by request to

Version 2.0 (Compatible with Windows 10).

This software is designed to be used by occupational therapists for patients with problems with eye movements (tracking) and visual processing problems.  The software can be used for both children and adults. TPOT contains 16 different programs that allow remediation of eye movement and visual processing problems in both children and adults.

Procedures for the remediation of the following visual problems:

·         Eye Movement Problems

·         Saccadic dysfunction

·         Visual Perceptual Problems

·         Visual spatial dysfunction

·         Visual analysis dysfunction

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TPOT Registration Instruction 2021.docxTPOT Registration Instruction 2021.docx