Course Author: Stephen G Whittaker, Ph.D., OT, CLVT, SCLV

Course author, Stephen G. Whittaker, was a practicing occupational therapist and certified low vision therapist at MossRehab in Philadelphia.   Steve has been involved in low vision rehabilitation for over 40 years as a researcher, educator and practitioner.  He served as member of the low vision expert committee of the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (  He has numerous scientific publications, has received grants from The National Eye Institute, NASA and lectures internationally.  With a doctorate in experimental psychology and post- doctoral training in visual neurophysiology, Dr Whittaker began researching eye movement anomalies associated with macular degeneration at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (now Salus University) where he served as a researcher and educator for 20 years.  His book, Whittaker, SG, Scheiman, M. Sokol-McKay, D.  Low Vision Rehabilitation: A Practical Guide for Occupational Therapists (Slack, 2016) still describes the state of the art in evidence=-based practice.  His Webinar series has been used for several years as the core curriculum for the new therapists from VisionLoss Rehabilitation/ CNIB in Canada .  Search:  Stephen G. Whittaker